January 9

#1 In Store Sampling Company Drives Sales for FitJoy Grain Free Pretzels in Kings Supermarkets

By jdeagustin

January 9, 2020

At EDS Strategy, the #1 In Store Sampling company, that takes an Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® approach to the in store product demo. Any brand that wants to command attention for their brand in the category must have an in store demo program, just like top brands, like Kelloggs that executes consistent food demonstrations. We are a unique product sampling company and are honored to demo for some of the most iconic brands in the natural, organic, and better for you food industry like FitJoy Foods. Check out the video below, where CEO, Jesse de Agustin stops by a demo work works alongside one of our New Jersey based Sr. Demonstration Specialists, Misty. There are three key points that make this in-store grocery demo a success and are the goal of any retail marketing strategy. Also check out some of our reviews on Linkedin


Educate. Unlike most in-store sampling companies, EDS Strategy Demonstration Specialists are all ServSafe Food Handler Certified. This is unheard of in the 3rd party in-store demonstration company business. Ongoing food Safety training happens on a regular basis with our employees performing in-store demos


Demonstrate. Demonstrating how to best use a product is critical in a grocery in-store food sampling or demonstration. Most in store sampling companies simply leave product out on the table and don't Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® the brand. We have a different approach that captivates the shopper and gets them hooked on new products.


Sell. Most grocery sampling companies don't see that it's their job to sell product at the demo. Hey, they see themselves as a "sampling company" after all, at EDS Strategy, we think the purpose of a demo is to not only Educate, Demonstrate, but also facilitate that impulse purchase and spike sales the day of the demo. Our clients love our reporting post demo as well

Now we explained our in store demo system, now why does a brand need an in store sampling company. There are many way for a brand to execute in store demos. Some brands like to do inconsistent in store demos to support a grocery store event for instance. But the natural / organic and CPG brands that want to dominate their industry and win at retail, all have in store demonstrations that are an integral part of their marketing efforts. When a brand selects the right in store product demonstration company, they benefit from the network effect of trained Demonstration Specialists who are experts at product demonstration and product demonstration techniques. There are many companies in the industry that claim to be experts at the in store retail demo, yet if they say they are "Brand Ambassador Companies" , you should think twice about hiring them, as we explain in this post.

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