At EDS Strategy We Influence Purchase Decisions Through Demos That Create Loyal Brand Fans 

Not all demo companies are the same; learn how we Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® shoppers the unique benefits of your brand in retail and grocery accounts.

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  • Why top CPG brands and international companies trust EDS Strategy to manage and execute their in store demo programs - and why most demo companies do not learn about your brand
  • How EDS Strategy trains our W2 Demonstration Specialist Team
  • How data is collected in the field at the demo 

Top Demo Company - EDS Strategy Breakdown

At EDS Strategy we enhance the in-store retail experience and influence purchase decisions through demos, live trainings, and store visits that Educate, Demonstrate and Sell. 

  • In-Store Product Demonstrations and samplings, grand opening events
  • In-Store Merchandising services 
  • Sales training and consulting division 

Jesse de Agustin

CEO | EDS Strategy LLC 

Discover our Approach

Most demo companies crowd source W9 1099 independent contractors and do not give the proper training required to represent your brand. Does your demo company follow an approach from the 1990's ? Then it's time to learn about why top brands trust EDS Strategy with their in store demo and field merchandising programs. 

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