August 31

How To Choose a Product Sampling Company

By jdeagustin

August 31, 2021

How to Select a Product Sampling Company

Why Select EDS Strategy As Your Product Sampling Company?

EDS Strategy speaks with countless of scaling CPG Brands like those presented in the "Problem" case study. Who are the reps representing my brand? Not all product demonstration companies are the same. Does your product sampling company know about what makes my product unique? We get it, and the candid fact is if the rep is recruited off a social media site 24 hours before a booked product demo, then the answer is they don't. 

Benefits Of W2 And End-To-End Product Demo Companies

EDS Strategy is one of the best product sampling company among all W2 demo and merchandising companies in the USA and takes pride in training our team on our Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® system which guides each customer interaction behind the demo table and in stores.  While most demo companies give reps a PDF document to read, we create an entire online training course for reps to take, that is built custom for each brand. 

The reason EDS Strategy is the trusted in store product demo company for top CPG brands is because we're an end to end full circle solution. We're responsible for scheduling, training Demonstration Specialists, planning, executing, and reporting on all aspects of in store field programs.

The Problem

A client comes to EDS Strategy in search of a product sampling company for their growing CPG brand. Yet they are nervous; brand leadership knows that outsourcing in store demos to a trusted partner is critical to scale and for growing brands but they had poor experiences with in store demo companies and in store sampling companies in the past.

 They found reports were not consistent and the demo tables had a poor presentation. The in-store demos were not sales focused. Enter EDS Strategy and our unique approach. 

The Solution

EDS Strategy took some time to share some dark secrets about the in store product demonstration and sampling company industry. When it comes to in store demos, reps are often crowd sourced in store demo specialists and don't become an expert on your brand. EDS Strategy works with brands and designed a year - long in store demo and sampling program across multiple states that is a turn-key, end-to-end solution. 

EDS Strategy manages, plans and executes in store demo programs and is in essence an extension of the clients sales team. Watch a demo and talk with our team to see if we are a good fit.

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EDS Strategy is an end to end in store product demonstration firm. Click to watch a quick video on our in store merchandising approach.