Ready To Reduce Out Of Stocks And Drive More Sales In Your Key Accounts? 

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the most successful brands have field teams

Think All Merchandising Companies Are The Same ?

We’re one of the only W2, non-crowdsourced firm in the US supporting your organization through in-store demos and visits. EDS Strategy targets specific territories and key accounts as your extended field team. 

Our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell methodology relies on brand-specific training modules, allowing our specialists to forge strong relationships between brands, stores, and customers.

Stop wasting your time with contractor merchandising companies who find their inexperienced reps through an app. Schedule a call now!

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Our Approach To Field Visits 



Out of stocks cost brands are retailers millions of lost sales and 30% + of shoppers say out of stocks have a negative impact on their shopping experience, and then buy your competing brand that is in stock. 



Since retail and grocery locations are often understaffed, top brands' merchandising companies make sure their product is signed and presented in the right way.


Ready To Buy

Is your brand fronted and ready to purchase? Does your current in store visit firm ask for additional orders? Most just take a picture and leave. 

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How We Work With Brands In The Field

field merchandising & aisle training

W2 team visits stores serving as an extension of your field sales organization 

in-store demos 

In-store product demonstration focused - Demonstration Specialist focused on Educating, Demonstrating, and Selling to the shopper 

EDS Strategy Is An Extension Of Your Field Sales Organization