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EDS Strategy optimizes companies sales across verticals with retail demonstrations, in-store merchandising, and sales generating programs.

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Our Proven Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® Approach Works Across All Verticals, Regardless of Industry 

In-Store  Demos

Direct To Customer

When looking for sampling companies and demo companies, top brands know that The in-store demo world has changed. No longer can demo companies source a database of tens of thousands of W9 independent contractors off social media Most demo companies see demos as a one size fits all approach. We design the in store demo to fit each clients needs.

In The Field

EDS Strategy works for brands who want a third party to manage and execute in store merchandising programs as an extension of their sales team.

Online -Remote Sales

EDS Strategy has encapsulated our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell approach to teach this to individuals. If you want to increase your sales game, and give better sales presentations get in touch. 

regardless of industry

We Represent Brands Who Want to Dominate In Their Space  

EDS Strategy was founded in 2017 by Jesse de Agustin as an in store product demonstration company and has applied our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® approach beyond the in store product demonstration to in store field merchandising, and online training programs.


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