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Get Visibility Into Your Brand In Retail Accounts With In-Store Visits

Not all merchandising companies are the same. In-Store Merchandising is critical to drive maximuim velocity, develop relationships, and give context into grocery and retail accounts you just don't get looking at sales reports. Think all merchandising companies are the same? Think again, and learn why we're different. We can execute in-store merchandising checks, or serve as a third-party field sales organization in specific territories.  

In-Store Demos & Merchandising Visits Create "Full Circle" Retail Execution


In-Store assocate education is often overlooked at merchandising visits. We make sure managers know the brand is in store and share what makes it unique. Our background in the in-store product demonstration industry brings value and attention to detail that other merchandising companies just don't have.


How should the product be used? How does it compare to different brands on the shelf? This is where we take our skills from in store demos and transalate that into the in store visit. Check out how we Educate, Demonstrate, and Sell


We fight for additional placements in store, and make sure the brand is looking its best to drive maximum sales. When you work with EDS Strategy it's like working with an extension of your sales team.

Once Your Brand Is On The Shelf, It's About Staying There

We're best known for executing the highest quality retail demonstrations for top natural/organic food brands. This gives a unique approach to in-store visits other merchandising companies just don't have. Check out article in Eater Magazine on merchandising and demos.

Many brands think the work is done once they get grocery or retail placement in a new account.

In fact, the work just got started.

 And unless you're ready to hire and manage a field sales force in stores everyday, you need consistent, in-store merchandising visits.

What makes our merchandising approach unique?

Learn What Makes EDS Strategy Different from Other Merchandising Companies & The Top 3 Elements To The Perfect In-Store Merchandising Visit


30% + of customers report that out of stocks have a negative impact on their in-store experience.  Are dates rotated properly?


Is the product and brand being showcased and merchandised in the best way? Does the product attract attention on the shelf? We make sure reps are making an impact with proper in-store associate education. 

Ready To Purchase 

Is your product signed, priced and tagged to standard? Most merchandising companies just take a picture and leave. We have the acumen to course correct more issues. 

What Most Merchandising Companies Miss 

Filled, Impactful and Ready to Purchase

That's how we execute visits. And our Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® methodology guides our engagement with our stores, and brands. This builds relationships with managers, and allows us to serve as an effective third-party field sales and merchandising team for our clients. Our merchandising and demo team is trained on each brand we represent, so our in store merchandising visits are most effective, before going into stores using our custom online courses on each brand. Tired of those crowd-sourced merchandising companies that find inexperienced reps off an app to do your merchandising visits? Then let's schedule a time to talk.

Check Out This Quick Story From a Recent Client Call

When we are in retailers executing merchandising visits, in essence, we are your sales team

Pricing Plans

Basic Merchandising visits

Basic in-store merchandising visits to make sure your brand is Filled, Impactful and Ready to Purchase

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What's included

  • EDS Strategy associate conducts store visit and completes report with pictures
  • Check in with dept manager 
  • Verify correct placement and pricing 
  • Basic brand training in our custom LMS portal 

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