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What Keeps You Up At Night? 5 CPG Experts Weight In

Interview with Repsly.com " " Brands can solve this with field merchandising visits and in-store demo programs. The most obsessed and driven brands are not simply analyzing distributor pulls and movement data all day. That's the past. They get ahead of other brands in the category, take a proactive approach by sending field reps to visit stores – which is where the action is – to make sure the brand is fully stocked and in the best possible light." - Jesse de Agustin 

"Shoppers Miss Grocery Store Samples. Brands Miss Them More" (Eater Magazine) 

EDS Strategy CEO Interviewed in Eater Magazine. ". . . With grocery stores under pressure to keep shelves stocked, there’s little chance they’ll go easy on underperforming brands. “A lot of brands think they’re going to be cut some slack because of COVID. It doesn’t seem to be that way. The merchants are still doing their reviews, they’re still consolidating,” says Jesse de Agustin, founder and CEO of demo and retail sales firm EDS Strategy LLC . "

Do Demos Really Help Food Brands Drive Sales & Build Buzz? (Smart Brief)

Interview with Smart Brief grocery industry publication.

"Retailers Want To Bring Back Grocery Samples, But With Modifications" (Grocery Dive) 

EDS Strategy CEO Interviewed in Grocery Dive. We discuss how top CPG brands are adapting to the changing landscape with "dry" demos.  

". . . EDS Strategy has gotten back into store demos by offering “dry demos,” which involve handing out a small prepackaged sample, talking to customers and distributing coupons. EDS workers all wear masks, gloves and caps, de Agustin said.

“Instead of making the oatmeal, we can give them a packet of the oatmeal that they can make at home and then offer a coupon to encourage a purchase of a full box,” said de Agustin.. . . " 

" Demo & Sales Exec Shares Secret to 75% Growth" (Repsly Blog Post Article)"

EDS Strategy, one of the top merchandising companies sits down for an Interview with Repsly on how EDS Strategy uses the SAAS product to drive sales for our brands through in store merchandising services.

" In-Store Demos Are Not Going Away But May Look Different In The Future, Sampling Firms Say"  (Food Navigator)"

Instore demos - a key tool for many emerging brands to encourage trial and raise awareness – were one of the first things to go when COVID-19 hit, with multiple retailers discontinuing them until further notice. However, Costco is planning a gradual return starting mid-June and some other retailers are thinking about how to restart safely.