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In-store demos are critical for growing natural food brands. 70% of grocery store purchase decisions happen in-store while customers shop. We influence purchase decisions through retail and in store grocery demonstrations that create  loyal brand-fans. Ready for the #1 In-Store Sampling Company?

Tired of Demos That Don't Convert? 

Most demo companies and in store sampling companies do not have a demo process. EDS Strategy specializes in retail demos that Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® brands with knowledge and passion. 

Stop Merely Sampling - Start Educating, Demonstrating, and Selling

It's critical your in-store retail and grocery demonstration team are experts in the retail setting. At EDS Strategy, we drive sales for our brands through managing and executing in store demo programs.

Hi, I'm Jesse the CEO of EDS Strategy. Thanks for visiting to learn more about our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® product demonstration approach. Ready to take your retail demos and product sampling to the next level? We can't wait to talk with you soon.  

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What We Do  

In-Store Demonstrations 

In-Store demonstrations in some of the top retailers and grocery stores. 


We make sure your brand is filled, impactful & ready to purchase on the shelf. 

Retail Sales Consulting 

Retail sales consulting for retailers and retail sales professionals. Engage customers and sell more at retail.   

Okay, that sounds good. But we've worked with other demo companies and those "Brand Ambassador" Companies before.

How is your process different from other demo companies I've worked with?


Product Education  

Product and brand education introduces consumers to new brands. Product education is beyond product knowledge. With so many brands and options, we distill what matters to the customer at the demo.



Most product demonstrations are samplings, not demonstrations. A true demonstration is a well merchandised presentation of a brand. 



We have great relationships with our stores and they recognize the value we bring both in terms of increased sales and the in-store customer experience. We report our demos unlike any other firm using both executive high-level overviews and detailed data. 

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