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​Ready To Upgrade Your Product Sampling Company Approach?   

​We Influence Purchase Decisions With Live In Store Product Demo Programs 

​Is Your Product Sampling Company or Brand Ambassador Company Stuck in the 1980s?

​It's time for 3-10 X sales than your current Brand Ambassador or in store sampling company

Most grocery demos focus on passive sampling over brand education & selling. 

At EDS Strategy, our proven, Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® demo approach is brand focused.   

 Contact us, and Let's take your in store sampling and retail demos to the next level 

A Sampling Program Is Not a Demo Program

“We are elevating the retail and in store demonstration industry. Too many product demos and in-store samplings happen  day after day with zero passion, brand knowledge or sales acumen.  Those brand ambassador companies don't get it. Reach out and learn how when executed correctly, retail demos influence purchase decisions, drive sales and brand loyalty over time." 

Jesse de Agustin, Founder & CEO

Educate, Demonstrate, Sell®

Do your grocery store demos currently neglect your brand story?

Most in store food sampling companies and in store grocery demonstration companies are not sales focused.

Don't make that mistake. Check out what our team and clients have to say.  Also check out a video of one of our demos in the field  

"Jesse and the team at EDS Strategy took the time to understand our brand's unique position in the market and tailored the in-store demo experience to drive awesome results." 

Matt Weiss - Founder & CEO Rind Snacks

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