At EDS Strategy We Influence Purchase Decisions Through Retail Demos That Create Loyal Brand Fans

Click play, turn the volume up & watch the quick video demo to learn why top CPG brands trust EDS Strategy as their product demonstration company of choice to manage and execute their in store demo program. Then book a call with our team below. 

In This Video We Review:

  • Why top national and international CPG brands trust EDS Strategy to design, manage and execute their in store demo programs and in store sampling programs. 
  • How EDS Strategy recruits trains our W2 Demonstration Specialist Team
  • How data is collected in the field at the demo, on site during the in store demonstration. Learn about EDS Strategy the top demo company in the business
  • Why It's not just about getting on the shelf, it's about staying on the shelf and how the most successful CPG brands use demo programs to help accomplish this goal

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Our Approach




Why Top Brands Work With EDS Strategy 


Top Demonstration Specialist Team

EDS Strategy is one of the only W2 demo firms in the US; we don't crowd source contractors 


Best Demo Specialist Training

EDS Strategy creates custom training for each brand, leveraging our Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® approach


Customized Reporting

We collect data and pictures in the field based on what is important to you

Book a Demo With Our Team

If you're an emerging or established brand, it's critical to find the right trusted team to manage and execute your in store demo program. Most in store demo companies find reps off facebook, give them a PDF and say "hey show up at this store and do a demo" If you want a refreshing change on how demos are done, then book a call with our team.  

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Frequently asked questions

What if my brand is only in 20 or so stores?

We have a 150 in store demo minimum so sometimes it's best for smaller brands to work with EDS Strategy on a 1:1 consulting basis where we help you build out your own demo program, and then do demos once the brand expands store count. 

Do you do "one off" demos?

Our goal is for brands to build sustained repeat purchases in stores, and doing one demo here and there or "one off" demos does not accomplish that mission. 

Our brand has a lot of in-depth product education - how do I know your team will understand my brand?

That's exactly why your brand should work with EDS Strategy. We have a custom training program where we create tailored training on each clients brand. 

Does your company only do in-store demos?

No! We also represent brands as in store merchandisers, and consult with organizations on building their sales approach based on our Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® system.