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At EDS Strategy, the top in store demo company, we enhance the retail experience & influence purchase decisions through retail product demonstrations that create loyal brand fans and Educate, Demonstrate, and Sell®. 

  • Over 25,000 product demos executed and counting
  • Influence purchase decisions in real time
  • 95% client retention rate
  • We apply a sales approach - Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® to our in store demonstrations
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Why Top Brands Invest In Demo Programs 

Leading CPG brands trust EDS Strategy as their sampling company to design, execute, and manage their in store sampling programs. When brands add in store demonstrations to shopper marketing programs, many of our clients see increases of 17 - 39% soon after starting a program

Strategy & Recruitment

Most crowd sourced brand ambassador companies see product demos as a one size fits all approach and crowdsource W9 contractors off social media the week before your demo. We design the in store demo to fit each clients' goals

Online Training & Food Safety

EDS Strategy is one of the only demo companies that make an online training for each client. All Demonstration Specialists are ServSafe Certified. Our Demonstration Specialist selection process is the highest in the industry.

In-Store Relationships  & Sustained Sales

EDS Strategy maintains strong relationships with the retailers where we conduct in store samplings and see post demo follow up with stores as integral to a successful product demonstration. Demo programs lead to increasing Household Penetration Rates over time.

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How We Demo

During our discussion, about your shopper marketing and in store demo programs,  you'll learn about how EDS Strategy works with clients. We can't wait to work with you on designing your own in store demo program. 

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Top In-Store Product Demonstration Company

All in store demos are not all the same. Most in store demo companies or third party brand ambassador companies do not have a sales approach that allows our W2 employee team of Demo Specialists to Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® your brand in a way that includes product knowledge, and superior sales acumen that drives impulse purchases and residual sales. 

In-Store Sampling Company Secrets

Make sure you book a meeting with our team so you can speak with us 1:1 on your in store demo programs for your brand. EDS Strategy has over 6 years of experience demoing for top natural brands like yours and once brands start working with us they keep including in store demos as an integral part of their shopper marketing gameplan.

Our brands see, via their sales movement data that stores with sustaned in store demo programs outrank stores that do not get in store demos, and are often the leading brands in their category.

Why product demonstrations are important?  Top CPG brands know that to cut through the competition on the set, it's critical to make sure customers experience a taste of your brand. In-Store demos lead to velocity per store increases of over 3X in a short timeframe