Let's Apply The Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® Approach

To A CRM You'll Actually Use

Is your company on the #1 CRM, Salesmate.io ? Are you looking for a new CRM? EDS Strategy was invited to be one of the first Certified Salesmate Expert Partners. We apply our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell approach to build out CRM sequences, automatons and processes for companies so reps can focus on connecting with their customers, and closing more deals. 

Why work with EDS Strategy ? 

Does your sales organization use a CRM? If not,

Learn how we use Salesmate.io at EDS Strategy in this interview here, and get a free trial, no credit card required.

Get Access To Our Online Training

We have online sales training in development and when complete you will have free, lifetime access to the courses which capture everything discussed in the 1:1 sessions. (* Available with specific 1:1 session tiers)  

Are You Not Happy With Your Current CRM? 

The point of having a software is to use it but so many CRM's are too feature rich or not easy to use. If you are paying for a CRM and not using it, then let's work together on implementing Salesmate in your business. 

Using Salesmate But Need Training?

We'll listen to what you want to accomplish and your goals. And build sequences that blend the perfect balance of automation, and personal outreach and communication from each sales rep

EDS Strategy Sales Optimization 

Learn about how EDS Strategy works with clients and book a call. We'll look at your current sales process, and share how using Salesmate can help drive your business forward. 

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We'll discuss tips to improve your capabilities presentations.  

We've Used Many CRM's And Salesmate.io Is the Best To Drive Your Business Forward