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Watch Our OHI Superfood Bar Demo & Discover The #1 Real Food Plant Based Bar For Clean, Sustained Energy All Day Long

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Check out the above demo of OHI Bars - I personally use at least two OHI bars for clean, sustained energy to fuel my day. Click below and  place your own OHI Superfood bar order

Top 5 Benefits Of OHI Superfood Bars 


Clean Ingredients All Working Together

No chemical preservatives are used to make OHI bars, and they are kept COLD to preserve the freshness. Most bars are made with heat which kills the beneficial nutrition!


Quality Sweeteners 

OHI Bars are made with organic coconut nectar which has a low glycemic index at 35, lower than honey, maple syrup and white sugar! 


Grain Free, Gluten Free, non GMO and Vegan

OHI Bars are Certified Paleo, Grain Free, Soy Free, Certified Vegan, Non GMO and Certified Gluten Free!


Smart and Functional 

Enjoy on the go, for a week or keep cold in the freezer. Free shipping to your house if you buy 2 or more boxes! Check out all the flavors and order yours.


Clean Energy All Day Long

Use OHI Bars as a snack ,or a meal replacement for clean sustained energy all day long. When we are in the stores, it's sometimes hard to get a meal so OHI Bars are perfect.  

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