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Think All Managed Live Chat Companies Are The Same?

I'm Jesse, the founder & CEO at EDS Strategy. We’re one of the only W2, non-crowdsourced firms in the US supporting your organization through in-store demos, visits and from client requests, now expanding to provide managed live chat for your online store.

Our Educate, Demonstrate, Sell methodology relies on brand-specific training modules, allowing our specialists to forge strong relationships between brands, stores, and customers.

Stop wasting your time with W9 contractor live chat support companies who find their reps via social media and crowdsourced apps. 

Already use a chat software? We can keep using your current apps.

New to online chat? We can recommend software that's best for your online store platform.

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Our Approach To Managed Live Chat



Online stores with live chat on their site experience conversion rates that are 20% higher than e-commerce stores that don't. Our Chat Specialists bring your brand alive and educate shoppers on your site, not just answer questions.



It's critical to bring your brand and product on your online store live. An EDS Strategy live chat specialist will not just ask shoppers if you "have any questions" but demonstrate use cases of what makes their potential purchases so unique. 



Online stores with live chat experience higher conversions and are 3X more likely to purchase. 

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3 Month pilot program

Pilot program for brands getting started with live chat. 

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Dedicated Live Chat Specialist trained on your brand, ready to Educate, Demonstrate, and Sell

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