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Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® Approach

Is your brand an emerging brand? Is your brand in under 50 stores, and you understand the value of in store demos but want to learn the Educate, Demonstrate, Sell® approach and how we demo for our clients at EDS Strategy? Then work with Jesse and his team on a 1:1 basis to design your own demo program. 

Is your brand an emerging brand getting on shelves?

Why Do Top CPG Brands Work With EDS Strategy ? 

Is your brand starting out and in fewer than 100 stores? 

Get your demos off to the right start and learn how to demo from the #1 In Store Demo Company

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We have online training in development and when complete you will have free, lifetime access to the courses which capture everything discussed in the 1:1 sessions 

Be Prepared For a Successful Demo

Conducting an in store demo and facilitating an impulse purchase is an art and we leverage our years of demo experience to help your brand do it the right way.

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Book a call with our team and learn more about how we help emerging brands design their demo programs. 

EDS Strategy Demo Overview.

Learn about how EDS Strategy works with clients and book a call. We can't wait to work with you on designing your own in store demo program. 

Working With EDS Strategy Can Help Brands Avoid Pitfalls When Starting Demos