Book More Sales Demos So Sales Reps Can Focus On Closing Deals

As a new and expanding division within EDS Strategy, we serve as a third party Sales Development Representative (SDR) team. Learn more about how we work with clients and get in touch via the form on the right.

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Do What You Do Best 

EDS Strategy is a sales optimization firm that uses our Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® approach to drive our clients' sales forward regardless of industry or sector. Due to recent client demand, in addition to conducting live retail store demonstrations, we also help clients generate leads for their internal Account Executives - without having to hire multiple Sales Development Reps making outbound calls. 

  • Book more qualified demos with your sales team 
  • Target specific lists, faster with tailored calls for each list type  
  • 100% US based team conducting calls

" Educate, Demonstrate, SellĀ® is an industry, agnostic sales approach focused on customer engagement, leading to more sales for our clients. When brands entrust their list to us they get a US based Sales Development Rep who is focused on outbound outreach to book quality capabilities presentations to lead to more deals, faster. "

Jesse de Agustin

CEO | EDS Strategy LLC 

A Deal Is Never Lost

Yes, in traditional CRM's a deal is "won" or "lost" but at EDS Strategy, and the most successful sales organizations, we don't believe an opportunity is lost, the opportunity to earn the business is simply postponed. Give us your lists of prospects who never converted and we will re-engage, and convert to re-engage in a new discussion with your organization.